Tuesday, April 12


I love my blog! LOL I dont think anyone reads it and I NEVER remember that its here, but when I do I love to look back and read.....gosh I wish I was on top of this more :)

Thursday, January 13

All 3 girls are riding!

So it didn't take long for Sarah to want to jump up and ride on Smokey.....the minute we gave her a chance to ride she took it! She climbed right up on him (with a little help) and grabbed the reins and never thought twice about that horse she was on! She was in control! IT took about 3 seconds for her to teach him to stop then they were off to turning. She absolutely LOVED it! Emily was still a little too scared to give it a go, but by the next lesson she was ready to brave it. Up she went and she also was a natural. So now all three girls are riding and loving every minute of it. We took off the month of December with everything going on but are back on for Jan. before we know it they will be barrel racing and competing!


Sarah turns 3 in Pinkalicious Style!

Sarah turned 3! I cant believe that my baby is 3!! We had a fabulous pinkalicious party for her we colored our hair pink had a bouncy out front, played with pink playdough and the kids rode their bikes in the cul-de-sac. We were super lucky to have our Utah family in for Thanksgiving and they were able to make the party! But most importantly her FAVORITE person in the world Courtney was able to make it! She was soooooo happy to have her babysitter at her party! 

Sunday, September 26

Stephs goes riding

Ok so we finally signed Steph up for horseback riding lessons! She really really LOVED it! The lady is awesome. She used to be a teacher so shes great with the kids. She is very big on teaching the kids EVERYTHING about the horse. So you have to get the horse, lead it over, brush it, saddle it, then do it all over when you are done :) Stephanie loved it soooo much she wants to go everyday! But she will have to wait.....for now she is going once every other week. I know she is going to learn a ton! Before she was done she was riding the horse completely independently and guiding it through poles and around barrels! Wont be long and she will be competing in a show!

Tuesday, September 21

Coins - good or bad for the digestive system???

Well leave it to Sarah! She just came to me and told me that she swallowed a penny (or nickle or dime). Once I quizzed her a bit and realized she did in fact swallow a coin I called the Dr. who told me to call poison control who basically told me to wait till she poops it out! I don't know what it is about this kid! I never had to get beads out of my other kids noses or worry about them swallowing coins!!! I swear I may need to up my meds to make it through with this kid!! :) part of the problem is that she is too darn cute!!!!!

Dogs Dogs Dogs.......

So I am not sure what exactly compelled us to get another dog.....but we decided we should get a puppy......wouldn't that be fun! So we looked around and found a family that was moving out of state and had a black lab mix puppy. We got the girl that they had and brought her home. She did really great the first week. We were totally prepared for the typical puppy things, chewing, peeing inside, jumping ect.....however what we were NOT prepared for was her aggressive attitude. I first noticed it one day at petsmart when a family came over to see her and she barked only at the boy.....then as time went on we noticed that she would growl at Sarah and Emily. She would even nip at them if they bothered her while she was sleeping or resting under the table. So we moved the table and she seemed to do much better, sure we had the typical puppy bites and jumping ect. but it appeared that now the table was moved and she had no place to "claim" she was doing better no nipping or growling..........then one day while I was home with the 2 little ones Sarah gently tried to pet her and she nipped at her hand, then it went to Emily and she got nipped in the face.......took her to the vet (that was a whole different story) and she started growling at him. He and I talked about her behavior (he really believed she was part chow) and her aggression with the kids and how we could work on correcting it. We worked for about 3 weeks on it and the nips and growls continued. We finally drew the line when she bite Sarah in the face and "almost" drew blood.........so we started researching where and how to re-home her. We ended up finding a REALLY REALLY great lady who had grown up around Chows and had been training them for years. She had older kids and another dog. They came over here and met us and Lola and it was such a perfect fit! Now she is happily napping and playing in peace without the little kids around to "scare" her. We came to the conclusion that it was probably just that. She was a very timid dog and she scared easily....her defence unfortunately was to bite. Looking back at the whole thing I am really happy how it all worked out......in a round about way we got her to the home she was suppose to be in!

So once our Lola was safe at a new home we decided not to wait to long to give it another try. Only this time we decided NOT to get a puppy and we decided to just get another Golden. They are known for being very docile and gentle with the kids. We weren't willing to take any chances. We contacted a few rescues and one day I just happened to be on Craigslist and Viola. There he was :) Buddy. He is a year old and pretty big for a Golden. We went to the house to meet him. Bob went in first, then took in Steph and Em, then Sarah and I came in with Jake. We all got to meet Buddy and see for sure that he was 100% GREAT with kids (he was in a house with a 2 year old so that helped) and he was GREAT with Jake! So we brought him home and he has been  a JOY. He's a GREAT dog!!! We got him to go to and stay in our "kennel" (aka baby gate propped between 2 couches), he is doing great on a leash and most importantly has NO issues with children sitting on him, mushing his face and saying he looks silly, or trying to ride him. Now while we don't really encourage or even allow these things its nice to know that he will tolerate it! We couldn't be happier with how it all turned out and we learned a great lesson!!!! Know what you are getting into with a dog, get all the facts up front and make sure that your WHOLE family spends a decent amount of time with the dog before deciding! There really is a particular dog for a particular house :) and ours is a Golden house! Buddy and Jake are great friends and we are happy to have him as our newest family member! Oh and he loves to fetch and SWIM!!!!!

Jake and Buddy.....floppy tongue friends

Buddy after a swim
In the totally escape-able kennel

Emily and Buddy


3rd Grade

So Steph started 3rd grade. She is doing great so far she has all A's. She has made some new friends and here's hoping 3rd grade is as awesome as 2nd was!

Daisy to Brownie

Our girl scout troop has officially made it into its third year! We are now Brownies. In May we had a bridging ceremony and the girls crossed over from being Daises to Brownies! They were all so excited to get their brownie sash!

Lake Powell

So this year I FINALLY made it to the lake!!! Mom was awesome enough to watch the 2 little ones during the days while Bob was at work and Steph and I, along with Lori and her kids took off to the Lake with the Cutlers, Nelsons & Manions! It was sooooo much fun!!!!! Stephanie didnt like doing anything behind the boat but she LOVED riding on the boat. She even told me the other day, "the favorite time of my life was on the houseboat". It was a great time and of course a GREAT photo op! Such great backgrounds!! We spent our days riding on the boat and swimming in the lake. The Fausett kids LOVED riding on the 4 person tube. Andrew was great on the knee board, he even got up for a bit on the wake board! One day Uncle Dave took us all over to see Rainbow Bridge.  For me it was so great to just get to watch the kids have so much fun and to get to be at the lake again with the family :) It was another great vacation!!! A BIG BIG thanks to the Cutlers!!!!!